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Young Girls Camp – Daily Blog

YGC-Day 1

Sumayya Walji
Age 9
Today my day went really well because I got to see all my friends and I made a new friend! When we all came, we prayed Namaaz and then had lunch. After that, we played a game to practice our catching skills and get to know each other better. We also made a shield to stick on the wall so before we leave on Thursday, we get to look at all the shields and see what other people like. Then we made some YGC rules for our camp and found out who we were sharing rooms with. After we made our beds, we split into two groups for cresta run and abseiling. When I was at the top, I felt really scared but then I got used to it. When the activities were finished, we went back to get ready for dinner. After dinner, an aunty came to talk to us about becoming baligh. In the middle, we had to split into teams and demonstrate not being in hijab and being in hijab to everyone. Then we had cake and custard for dessert.

Hanaan Merali
Age 11
As I arrived at camp I was excited about doing new things, but I was also nervous when I had to say goodbye to mummy. When I walked in I saw lots of familiar faces so I new I’d have company.
First, we prayed namaaz and then we ate some delicious pizza. After that we played a fun icebreaker game to get to know each other better. After the ice breaker we unpacked and settled into our rooms, then we were called out to start our activity, we were doing cresta run. The cresta run is a long track with carts that slide down. It was great fun and one of the most thrilling experiences ever.
Later, we changed into our pyjamas and ate yummy pilau. Then we had Sadika aunty come and talk to us about hijab and how hijab protects us, we also had a fashion show starring non hijabi girls and one girls in full hijab. This was a very fun and eventful day and all the activities were great.