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YGC Blog- Day 3

Jannah Virjee
Age 9

First, at about 9:00, we had an Al-Khayal story telling workshop. It was very interesting and we learnt not to be arrogant or greedy. After that we had time to practise and perform a drama on something that we have learnt during camp; e.g: cresta run or becoming baligh. We then prayed a peaceful and mindful salaah. Next, we ate a delicious lunch of fish fingers, waffles and vegetables. Straight after lunch we got ready for some exciting activities. Group A had climbing first, whilst Group B had zip wire. After both groups had finished, group A did shelter building and group B had climbing, then we had free time. We then came out quickly for orienteering. We had a time limit to come back and we were also given a map of Phasels Wood Activity Centre. We had to go round and find red and white squares with a number and a letter in each of them (they were stuck to trees). When we came back we quickly changed and ate a pasta bake with garlic bread. We had 15 minutes of free time before coming to a small indoor activity for Imam Miss Al Kathim’s (AS) wafaat. We listened to a story and made bookmarks with the Hadith “Kindness and love to people is half of wisdom.” The mentors then gave us ice-cream, hot-chocolate and fruits before sending us off to bed.

Saaliha Kanani
Age 9

After breakfast, the Al Khayaal Story telling workshop came and presented some interesting stories. We then made role plays to show what we had learnt so far. After Namaaz, we had a lovely lunch which included fish fingers and potato waffles. Then it was time for the amazing activities. Group A did climbing and shelter building, whilst Group B did zip wire and climbing. After that, both groups set off for orienteering. We went with our mentors and searched the entire Phasels Wood to find the clues, it was really fun.
When we came back, we had to freshen up, had a delicious dinner of pasta bake and garlic bread.
We then had a bit of free time, and enjoyed an ice cream.
After that we prayed Namaaz and then we listened to a story about Imam Musa Al Kadhim (AS) as it was His Wafaat. We made beautiful bookmarks and included a Hadith from the 7th Imam which stated ‘Kindness and Love to people is half of wisdom.’
After a while, we enjoyed some hot chocolate, and finally we got ready for bed, to get ready for our final day of activities.