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YGC Blog -Day 2

Maryam Valji
Age 9
Today I woke up and felt very excited for the day ahead of me.
For breakfast I had Cheerios, it was delicious!
Next we all had free time and we relaxed and had fun but before we knew it, it was time for the workshop and we were talking about how it felt becoming baaligh.
We also did a popcorn activity of how we can get closer to Allah. Then we prayed and had lunch. It was jacket potato with toppings of your choice and it was great. After that we did shelter building and it ended up really well. After that we did some great sport activities. We also did cresta run and it was bumpy and went super fast. Next we had free time and showered and got ready for the party and we then prayed and had some chicken and then we practiced for our YGC Got Talent, and it was hilarious. Then we had a campfire and roasted marshmallows, they were divine. Finally we went to bed feeling very tired.

Aamena Dhanji
Age 11
We woke up at 4.30am to pray,
Then after we went back to lay,
We then woke up at 8.30, breakfast time,
It was delicious, yummy and fine,
We had a little free time after we ate,
But then a workshop did await!
We talked about what happens when you turn nine,
Some found being baligh scary, some found it fine,
We split into partners and tried to catch a popcorn kernel,
And we found it was harder when further,
But as we moved closer it was easier to catch than if you were far
This signals how you should be closer to Allah.

We learnt about khums, giving 1/5th away every year,
This helped some people who were scared about being Baligh face their fear.
Afterwards we went to pray our Salah
As namaaz helps us get closer to Allah.
We had jacket potato for lunch,
It was nice as we ate you could hear sounds of munch and crunch,
We had a little free time then went shelter building outside,
We split into our room grips and started to build up with not much to guide,
We were given 3 long branches, tarpolines and rope, but the rest we had to find around where we were making,
We spent a while testing our skills whilst having fun, it was amazing!
We got muddy but we all enjoyed it
Then test 1, did we all fit?
Test 2 was if it would survive an earthquake?
Ours survived when the instructor gave it a shake!
Next we all had team sports with lots of different races,
We raced against new people and new faces,
We then did Cresta Run,
It was super fast and fun!
We raced each other in carts down tracks and we had a brake on the side,
The only main rule was to keep your hands and feet inside.

We has some free time before it was time to eat the food so nice,
We had chicken, wedges, pitta bread, cucumber, carrot and rice.
After dinner we got ready for the talent show we were going to have at night,
We had one hour to get it right!
We prayed then showed our acts, there was such a range of ideas!
Some people performed and faces their fears,
Acting, gymnastic and nasheeds being sung aloud.
I hope everyone was proud!
That’s was to show everyone has talent they can find,
Everyone was amazing, you all have something inside.
We had a campfire with marshmallows, singing nasheeds in the dark night,
Everyone was smiling trying to get the tune right!
We came inside and ate lots of sweets for party food,
We all went to bed in a good mood!