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YGC 2019 Daily Updates

DAY ONE (15/04/2019):

As I arrived, I thought it would be boring and I would not have any fun, but as I entered the room, I saw a lot of girls smiling and chatting away, that’s when I realised this could be a lot of fun! The first thing I did was pray namaz, then I sat down at a table with my madressa friend who was sitting with two other girls that I didn’t know, but I got introduced quickly. After we had eaten our lunch (pizza), we all played some games and got introduced to one another. I found many interesting facts about many different people and felt like I was going to have a wild experience. Soon, the best part came and it was time to find out who was in our dorms and activity groups. My group is called ‘Champion challengers’ and I’m sharing with my madressa friend and two other younger girls. After that, we did the pedal racing activity and it was a lot of fun. Even two of the mentors had a race and everyone was cheering them on. Then we started to unpack and that was tiring. We did an arts and crafts activity in the evening decorating a plant pot. We then had supper and since it was someone’s birthday, we got a big birthday cake and had a celebration. Lastly, we had a campfire with hot chocolate which was an amazing snack after our delicious pilau dinner. Once we came back in, we had 15 minutes before lights out.

By: Maryam Kermali (Age 10)

We arrived at 1o’clock and went straight to pray namaaz. Soon after, more girls arrived and we ate some delicious pizza. Then we introduced our self to everyone else and explained why we were here. A couple of ice breaker games were played, providing a chance to get to know one another and make some friends. After that, we did a quiz in our group and went to our rooms to unpack and get to know your roommates. We then went straight into our activities. My group had a great hour pedal racing (and crashing into each other) and had lots of fun with our team and mentor.  After all that hard work we got a well deserved break. Steaming hot pilau with yoghurt and drink proved to be a great break, before launching into our arts and crafts activities. We had an amazing time decorating plant pots with glitter, paint and lots of sponges. Just before the campfire we each enjoyed a big slice of birthday cake for… guess… ME!!! It was really fun and the cake tasted great. After that it was the moment we had all been waiting for… the campfire. And it definitely met our high expectations. We all enjoyed the warm hot chocolate and listening to the crackling fire. It was a great treat and was a lot of fun. All in all it was an amazing day and a great start to the YGC 2019.

By: Hanna Hemraj  (Age 11) 

DAY TWO (16/04/2019):

By 9 in the morning, my friends and I were led to a brilliant breakfast buffet of waffles and toast, in addition to a selection of cereals and a variety of juices. Then we hopped into our outfits for the day, ready for our new adventures! First, we had a spectacular workshop which really inspired me. It was about our personal and spiritual development, and what it means to become baligh. This was especially interesting because the lady talked about the body, the mind and the soul. Later, when we were praying Namaaz, I remembered how she had mentioned in the talk that praying is not just an order, it’s an invitation from Allah (SWT). After praying, we had some scrumptious jacket potatoes with lots of different toppings. Next, we went on an amazing abseiling journey! Emma and Charlie, our two helpers, got us into our harnesses – then came the nerves! Climbing down the wall was my favourite! During shelter building, we used our teamwork skills and memory. Our task was to fit 8 children into 1 tent, which we had to make ourselves! After this, we had a football match – Team A vs Team B. Team B won the first game and Team A won the second game. The third game was a draw (1-1 and I scored the last goal at the last second!) Next we came back, freshened up and got ready for dinner where we ate chicken curry with naan or rice – it was delicious! Then we did orienteering. Our task was to find 35 different spots using a map, and we had 45 minutes. It was quite a challenge! My team found 19. Finally we came back, prayed and had some ice cream. At 9, we had a drama workshop and did role plays based on the titles of Imam Mehdi (AS). My group’s play was about being a guide – we demonstrated this by acting out a maths class where one of the children were struggling and another child guided them. In this way, Imam Mahdi (as) is our guide. After this fun-packed day, we got into our PJs and had a deep sleep, ready for the next day.

By: Lana Momin (Age 11)

At 8.30am my roommates and I woke up from our sweet slumber. “Another exciting day!” I thought as I climbed down the ladder from the top bunk in our adorable cabin room for three. 9am was breakfast. We had many options. Toast, pain au chocolat or cereal. Yum! Fatim aunty led us for a spiritual development workshop. It was fun! I was totally inspired by her mindfulness speech. It taught me more about concentrating in my Salah. 1pm was namaz and lunch, jacket potatoes with a variety of toppings. The aroma made my mouth water! My favourite time of the day was 2pm- Shelter building! So many knots and twigs. Perfect! It wasn’t what I expected it to be, it was even better! We had to make a shelter before a heavy downpour of rain. It was really a bucket but it was still fun! 3pm was pedal racers, so much fun! The cars were pretty hard to pedal but I managed it. 4pm was team sports, but I didn’t play as I’m not really a ‘football’ girl. I still enjoyed cheering my team on though. At 5pm we had free time for an hour. I just completed some activities from my book and it was so peaceful. 6pm was dinner and I was starving! Chicken curry was on the menu and it was super filling. At 6.45 we went for orienteering and I really enjoyed myself. 8pm was namaz and supper, for which we got ice cream! The drama workshop was at 9pm. We talked about the qualities of our 12th Imam. My mini group were given the quality of Al-Hujjah, meaning The Proof and we had to make a role play based on it. We decided to do it in a school setting where two girls copied each other’s work and my role was to prove that they had copied each other. Bedtime was at 10pm which was great because I needed the rest!

Maya-Fatema Patel (Age 11)

At 8:30 am we woke up for breakfast. I was excited for the activities that we were going to have today. We got ready for what the day would hold. First, we did shelter building. We were thankfully saved from the rain (which was a large bucket of water) because we had to make shelter. It was a great team building activity where we could practice our skills by making a den. The second activity of the day was pedal races. It was a huge kart with pedals. This was at 3:00 pm. 4:00 pm. Team sports. FUN!! There was a football tournament and there were 3 games which we played. My group (Team A) won the first game. Team B won the second match. And the last game was a draw. Then was dinner. We had chicken curry. It was great. Mouthwatering even. Next was orienteering at 6:45pm. It’s like a treasure hunt. There are numbers around the site and each number has a letter. They all make up a sentence. We had to go round and try and find all of them. My team won! Last was the drama workshop where we were given a title of Imam Mehdi AS and we had to do a role play about it. My group had to do a play about the title ‘Muntadhir’ which means ‘The Awaited One.’ Then we headed off to bed and waited for the treasures and activities that were coming in the next day.

Sara Rehemtulla (Age 10)

DAY THREE (17/04/2019):

Today, I woke up at 8.30am for breakfast, then got changed and played some games while we waited for the exciting storytelling workshop. My favourite part of the workshop was when we retold the story called ‘Drop the Pumpkin!’ The craziness in the room was hilarious! For lunch, we ate fish fingers and potato waffles, then did wudhu and got our Namaaz chaadars to pray before getting ready for some activities. The activities were so fun! We did high ropes and zip wires – it felt like we were flying! We also did sports day activities like egg and spoon races using balls and rackets, dribble relays, and three legged races. At dinner we had some lovely pasta, then got ready in our pretty clothes for party night. We even roasted some marshmallows over a camp fire! The party games and treats were lovely and, by the time we went to bed, we were very happy and very tired!

By: Mahdiya Mawani (Age 10)

This morning, Al Khayaal theatre came and there was a storyteller and they told us a story called ‘Drop the Pumpkin.’ I was excited and I could not wait to find out what happens next. When the story was over, we played some game and then we got into groups and we had to summarise the story in one minute. After the story teller had gone, we had lunch. The food was delicious. Then we prayed Namaaz. When everyone in my team was ready, we went to do the zip wiring activity. It was so much fun. Then, we went climbing. At first, it looked easy, but then when I went on it, it was really tricky. After everyone had finished, we came back to the cabin for a few mins before we did team sports. It was the Young Girls Camp Sports Day!! We were in 4 teams and we had to do lots of races like dribbling the football and three legged race. We all had so much fun!! When we had finished sports, we had free time. We then had an aunty coming in to talk to us and we learnt about how we should act when we became Baligh. The lecture was very interesting. Then, it was dinner time and we had pasta. It was yummy. Then it was the best part of the day. It was the party!! We had yummy food, fun games! Before the party, we had a camp fire and we had marshmallows.

Today was a busy but terrific day. I had so much fun today!!

By: Zahra Muraj (Age 10)

DAY FOUR (18/04/2019):

When I woke up in the morning, we were on breakfast duty so we had to help set up and clear up. There was cereal, and toast with Nutella, or butter and jam. Yum! After that we went back to our rooms to get ready for the day. We then got our shoes on and lined up outside for our last activity, which was abseiling. I was really nervous. The hard part was leaning back and getting your feet on to the wall. When we got back, we had to pack up all of our things. I feel extremely sad to be leaving as I had such a wonderful time and made so many new friends. But I’m also excited to see my mum. We brought all of our luggage came out into the hall for some snacks. Lastly we started our camp plenary where we told everyone what our highlight of camp was and what we learnt. It was really nice to share my experience and listen to the rest of the group.

By: Sonia Hassanali (Age 10)

Today I woke up at 9:00 am feeling upset that this was our last day at camp as I didn’t want all the fun I had to end. I quickly brushed my teeth and enjoyed the delicious variety of cereals. We then got ready to enjoy our last activity, abseiling, and this was amazing! As this was our last activity, I challenged myself by doing it and it was totally worth it! After this, we started packing our bags, and lining them up in the hall. Then we sat in a circle and thought about our highlights of camp and what lessons we would take home with us. We then all shared our thoughts and it was very interesting listening to each other’s opinions. We then got into our mentored groups and discussed about what went well in camp spiritually, physically, socially, and personally, and then we did the same for what we could improve. We then went outside and took some group photos. We came inside and anxiously waited for the team points to be announced. We prayed our Namaaz and waited for our parents to pick us up. I really enjoyed camp and will miss it. I am definitely coming next year.

By: Khadeeja Kanani (Age 10)