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Virtual autopsy

final_HIB_WF_logo-10 (1)postmortem becomes necessary where a GP or the Hospital cannot verify the cause of death. In these cases the coroner becomes involved.

In such instances the family can approach the coroner’s office and request a MRI scan rather than the traditional surgical type of postmortem. Even though the coroner still has discretion over the matter, he should be more flexible and accommodating to the family’s request for a MRI scan.

The MRI option is now available to the community as a pilot scheme – the pilot scheme is running for 6 months initially to see how much need is there for such a service. 

Please note that if this service is under used due to lack of awareness or other reason the coroner may withdraw the service due to lack of demand/use.

Alhamdulillah this scheme is available in a few boroughs nationally, including Leeds. Unfortunately it has not been extended to cover our other jamaats. However, with popular demand and with the grace of the almighty Allah, we hope this service will become permanent throughout the UK.