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Tarbiyah Refresher Training – Hyderi

On Saturday 25 January teachers from Hyderi Islamic School (HIS) participated in a Tarbiyah Refresher Training for bands A-B.

The training was facilitated by Sr. Fatema Rahemani, Sr. Fatim Panjwani and Sr. Mariam Hassam.

The main objectives of the tarbiyah refresher training included:

  1.  Recapping the essence of the Tarbiyah Curriculum
  2.  Gaining more insight on the learner centred approach
  3.  Discussing challenges faced within the Tarbiyah Curriculum
  4.  Sharing best practices

The training at HIS consisted of two main parts:

  • A Lesson demo with students in a classroom where the teachers observed how the lesson was being taught.
  • A debrief with the teachers after the lesson demo.

Please see pictures from the Tarbiyah Refresher Training below.

Some of the feedback received from the teachers regarding the training included:

“Showing a part of the story to the class through PowerPoint was a skill I can use with my students. Its so engaging!”
“The aha moment of  not giving up story time because of the reminder of it’s importance”
“Using the Madrasah online website during the training enabled us to look at it up close again”
“It made us realise it was about quality not quantity”