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Tarbiyah Curriculum Training – Milton Keynes

On 20 July 2019 teachers from Zainabiya Madrasah in Milton Keynes participated in the Tarbiyah Curriculum Training Program for
both bands A-B and C-F.

This was facilitated by Sr. Fatim Panjwani and Sr. Fatema Rahemani.

Some of the objectives of the program included:
– Gaining a broad understanding of the structure and function of MCE
– Reviewing the history and background of the Tarbiyah Curriculum
– Gaining a basic understanding of the Tarbiyah Curriculum design, pedagogy and methodology
– Looking at what an integrated lesson looks like
– Gaining an understanding of what a learner-centered lesson means
– Experiencing a lesson demonstration of both bands A -B and Bands C-F

Below are some Pictures capturing the moments

When the participants were asked:

Was the training workshop interactive and engaging?
100% strongly agreed!

Did the training workshop provide a good understanding of the integrated approach?
92.9% strongly agreed and 7.1% agreed

What is the most valuable learning you are taking away from this training workshop?
‘How powerful and impactful having an integrated approach is to supporting the learning of my students.’ 
‘The most valuable learning I’m taking away is the full understanding of the Tarbiyah curriculum and the holistic approach.’
Different processes for delivering education to different learners’

What aspect did you enjoy most about the training workshop?
‘The variety in which the training was delivered i.e. different activities’
‘The interactive way it was presented’
‘The story sessions’