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Tarbiyah Curriculum Training – Marsta

In August 2020, Zainabiya Madrasah in Marsta was able to conduct a Tarbiyah Training for 7 of their teachers according to the social distancing rules in Sweden.

The Tarbiyah Training was facilitated by Sr. Rubab Ladha and Br. Shahid Ladha

The training was conducted for both Bands A-B and C-F and most teachers participated in both trainings. The training took place over two days on 15 and 16 of August 2020 and the micro-teach was held on 06 September 2020.

This tarbiyah training was the first of its kind where social distancing was observed and activities were also altered to take into account the COVID -19 situation.

Please view the Photos below with some points on how this session was carried out.

1. Tables had 4 people spaced out

2.Participants were given hand sanitisers and were not allowed to share items such as scissors. Books were placed in plastic bags: one per individual.

3. The Bus stop activity was done by putting social distancing in place.

4. During Bands A-B session demo each teacher had a hula-hoop around them to demark their spaces













Please see a summary of some of the feedback received below: