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The Council of European Jamaats was shocked and appalled to learn of the attack on members of the Hussaini Association in Cricklewood as they left a majlis in remembrance of Imam Hussain (as).

Three people have been injured, but alhamdulillah no one has life threatening injuries. Our thoughts are with them, their families and the community at this time, and we pray for their speedy recovery.

We recognise this is a difficult time for the local community, who have many concerns about the motive behind the attack. We urge all in our communities to remain calm while the police establish the facts. At present the police do not believe this to be terror related, but are investigating it as a potential hate crime. We thank the authorities for their prompt action, and request anyone who has any information to contact the police.

We urge our members to remain calm, yet vigilant over the coming days and nights. Muharram is a time to reflect upon the sacrifice of the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), Imam Hussain (as) who stood firm for justice, truth and compassion. These are values we aim to live by.

We have a long history of collaborative working with those of all faiths and none. We celebrate the diversity of our communities, and we will continue to support one another in times of need.

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