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Sadaqa Day @ the Mosque 2018

The Council of European Jamaats in conjunction with “Sadaqa Day @ The Mosque” are promoting 18 March 2018 to be “My Sadaqa Day”


“Sadaqa Day is one day of social action. Started in 2015, this year’s will take place on Sunday 18 March”. Individuals, community groups, mosques, women’s groups, schools and individual families can all get involved. Everyone can do something small or large and become part of a wider movement of activity in different parts of the country.

Everyone – can get involved.

The word Sadaqa is often spoken about as the charitable giving of money, but Sadaqa is so much more. It is every deed, every act of giving, it is each movement in our service to others. This is what the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) meant when he taught, “Even a smile is charity”. Across many faiths, in every school, and in all good homes, we are taught about doing our bit, making our own contribution, playing our part in giving to others and in making the world a slightly better place. Acting in genuine service for others.

And that is what Sadaqa Day is all about.

Let’s Do Something!

Most of us want to volunteer but don’t always know how. Some of us already give our valuable time to causes or to looking after others, and cannot find the time to do something extra, a little different perhaps, even though we would like to.

Sadaqa Day provides a focus for one day and can in many cases give a choice of ready-and-waiting small tasks that one can volunteer for and get stuck into for a few hours.

And along the way, you are certainly going to meet some positive people, make some new friends, have a good time, and feel a little better for having gone out there and done some good.

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Faith In Action, Hands At Work

The inspiration for Sadaqa Day comes from the many Islamic teachings on the blessings and virtues of charitable giving, extending far beyond the giving of money (important as that also is).

These are teachings which most of us will relate to and find familiar. Britain’s Muslim communities are reported to be among the most generous, and many millions are raised and donated each year. Much is raised for relief aid in developing countries but increasingly, a growing proportion is also being raised for a wide variety of causes and concerns at home.

Sadaqa Day will help to build upon and broaden our charitable contributions through the giving of time, where the lives of others and the state of our neighborhoods are made that little bit better.

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