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Online Tarbiyah Training – 21 November 2020

CoEJ SAN is excited to launch their first Online Tarbiyah Training!

The Training will be for all bands (A-B & C-F).

Some of the objectives of the training include:
– Gaining a broad understanding of the structure and function of MCE
– Reviewing the history and background of the Tarbiyah Curriculum
– Gaining a basic understanding of the Tarbiyah Curriculum design, pedagogy and methodology
– Looking at what an integrated lesson looks like
– Gaining an understanding of what a learner-centred lesson means
– Experiencing a lesson demonstration of both bands A -B and Bands C-F.

When: Saturday 21 November 2020
Time: 8:30 – 5:15 pm
Micro Teach: TBC 

For Teachers who have not done the Tarbiyah Training, please  click here to register.

Teachers who have previously completed the Tarbiyah Training, please click here to register.

Please note that your registration indicates your commitment to attend the training.

Login details will be sent out to registered participants closer to the date.