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Mentor’s Diaries – Day 3

Mentor’s Diaries (BOYS) – Day 3

The day began with waking up the campers for fajr. After doing this for the third day I seem to have learnt the art along with my co-mentor. It’s incredible to see the levels of tiredness amongst the campers. It makes me think of the times I was woken up for fajr, and how I was at that time.

The next part involved waking the campers up for breakfast; the most important meal of the day. Provide the campers with fuel for the day. This was followed by Qur’an classes, Salah and Wudhu assessments.

The boys then went on to do the activities, rock climbing & rifle shooting. Here, it was amazing to see the bond the campers had built, the way each and everyone of them encouraged each other to not only participate but to exceed their potential – both physically and mentally.

The day ended on a PDT session which was extremely eye opening as it makes me realise that I can learn a lot from the campers. The thought processes and behaviours truly teach something to all, and I do look forward to learning a lot more over the next few days.

Over & out.

Ali-Abbas Datoo