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Members of KSIMC Birmingham hold Talk about Islam in Worcester

Teaching Islam at Hanley School:

Teaching Islam at Hanley School ‘One of our members of our interfaith team went to Hanley School to talk about Islam, which was very positive as it’s a school where there is little exposure to other faiths except Christianity. The presentation was done to students between the age of 12-13 and was an excellent experience for our team’

Feedback from the Hanely School:

‘In particular, they found Shenaz’s talk really interesting – she had clearly prepared well and answered, what could have been difficult questions, thoroughly and with interesting details.’

Feedback from RE Teacher:

“Thank you so much for your presentations yesterday. For someone who was nervous about the presentations beforehand, they went down really well and the pupils learned a lot! Further to your comments, I totally agree and hope that yesterday went some way to dispelling the myths about religions and events around the work. Unfortunately, many of our pupils only ever experience white culture and are scared and ignorant of others precisely because they (or, more often, their parents) read horrendous headlines in the media. At Hanley, we always challenge prejudiced behaviour in order to break down the ignorance so that they understand, as you mentioned, that the actions abroad are of an extreme minority not acting for a religion, but using it to hide behind. Alas, it is these actions that make the more interesting new headlines.
Many of the pupils have been asking more questions today about what they learned yesterday and we will be having discussions with them in lessons.
Thank you again for your clear and really interesting talk. I trust my questioning wasn’t too demanding and off-putting!” – Andy

University of third age group:

Members of our Interfaith team attended ‘University of the Third Age’ group (which is all women) which carried out a special project called ‘Soul boats’ and was led by a local Christian artist called Jake Lever. The project entailed helping to take part in a work in art he is preparing which will be on display in St Philips Cathedral at the end of the year, as part of their tercentenary celebrations.