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Lady Fizza Quran Competition

In 2018, KSIMC of Birmingham held the first Lady Fizza Annual Quran Competition. This event had been inspired by Africa Federation and received a positive response from national and international communities.

Birmingham Jamaat would like to invite members of all Jamaats to participate in the 2nd Annual Lady Fizza (as) Quran Competition 2019.

The competition will take place in Birmingham from 14th to 16th June 2019 and will provide an opportunity for a range of individuals to participate. The deadline to register is 25th December 2018.

Earlier this year, the first LFQC competition was assessed by x8 high caliber judges, and the top two winners won tickets to represent Birmingham Jamaat at the 2018 Africa Federation (AFED) competition.

Further details:

The competition will be split into three recitation categories which are detailed below:

  • 5-7 (Hifz and/or Tafsir)
  • 8-11 (Hifz and/or Tafsir and/or Open Recitation)
  • 12-15 (Hifz and/or Tafsir and/or Open Recitation)
  • 16+ (Hifz and/or Tafsir and/or Open Recitation)

Descriptions of recitation categories

Hifz: Participants will be given chapters to memorize and will be asked a selection on the day
Tafsir: Participants will be given 10-15 verses and will be asked about the Tafseer/details for 2 of these verses
Open recitation: Under 16’s will be given chapters to prepare and over 16’s anywhere in the Quran.

Participants can choose to participate in any of the recitation categories according to their age group. E.g. You can participate in all 3: Hifz, Tafsir and Open Recitation or if you prefer to, you can participate in 1 of the recitation categories.

There is an allocation of 5 participants per age category, which allows a maximum of 20 participants per jamaat. Interested participants should register with their respective jamaats first and then the Jamaat can decide on the official participants and register them on the official registration form.

A £5 non-refundable registration fee applies per participant.

Please click here for the Registration form.

For any queries, please email lfqc@ksmnet.org or contact Sister Sajeda Canani on +44 7979 521571.