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Khoja Heritage Tour 2018

The first ever Khoja Heritage Tour is currently underway! This historic trip gives participants the opportunity to visit key locations in India, which are significant to our community.

The exciting 16-day tour travels across 12 different cities and gives participants a deeper understanding of the origins of our Khoja community and the chance to learn more about our history.

Our community dates back to the late fourteenth century in the desert of Sind, where our conversion to Shia Islam by a missionary named Pir Sadruddin took place. The touring group will visit Kalo Dungar in Kutch, where they will get to see the land from where our ancestors originated.

Those on the trip will have the opportunity to visit the shrines of Pir Gulam Ali Shah and Pir Dadu in Kera and Bhuj, as well as see the three historic buildings representing the three Khoja strands in Palagali area of Mumbai.

The tour will highlight the contribution of many key personalities who helped shape the community and sacrificed their lives, along with paying homage to the most revered religious scholar of the community in the early 20th century, Allama Haji Naji, in Bhavnagar.

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