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Interfaith Event held by Essex Jamaat

“Visitation and Veneration of Saints, Holy Personalities, and Shrines”

“With the grace and blessing of the Almighty, MSI Jamaat of Essex was able to open its doors yet again on Saturday 23rd January for another interfaith event, which gave an opportunity for all to ask questions and offer comment and observations with the ultimate goal to learn from one another and to be able to appreciate each other through faith.

This event’s theme was “Visitation and Veneration of Saints, Holy Personalities, and Shrines”.

The proceedings commenced with the MC, Sister Farwa Jeddy, who began by welcoming the guests and outlining the event.

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Following a beautiful recitation of the Holy Qu’ran in Arabic and English by Sayyid Abbas Hussein and Zain Mohammed Valji, there was a short introduction from Al Hajj Fayyazbhai Haji, MSI Jamaat of Essex’s President, who welcomed the guest speakers and visitors to the event and prayed for its success.

This led onto the speeches by the expert guests. The speakers were chosen to represent a number of local faiths: Christianity, Judaism, Brahma Kumaris, and Sunni Islam, including a speech from MSI Jamaat of Essex’s resident alim, Shaykh Abbas Ismail.

Each speaker was given an opportunity to talk about the topic and this was followed by questions from the floor. Alhamdulillah all speakers, speeches and discussions were lively and interactive.

The Jamaat laid on an exhibition of posters, books and model shrines to show the way Shia Ithna Asheri Islam venerates our Holy personalities and shrines.

The day ended as usual with a sumptuous buffer dinner giving all 100 plus guests an opportunity to mingle, network and discuss relevant issues around the general interfaith theme.

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The President and Executive Committee of MSI Jamaat of Essex are grateful to all guest speakers for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend and speak on the day, and also to the volunteers, particularly the youth volunteers who offered their services to make this event such a great success.

Al Hajj Fayyazbhai Haji, said “By the grace of Allah, we were able to hold another successful event. My thanks and appreciation to our resident alim Shaykh Abbas Ismail and all the team here at MSI Jamaat of Essex. Indeed we have a vision to make MSI Jamaat of Essex a vibrant part of the local interfaith dialogue, and to participate in faith discussions with the intellectual and rational outlook of the school of the Ahlul Bayt”.