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Helping the Refugees in the Jungle of Calais

On Friday November 13th, an informative meeting was held at Mohammad Imambargah on the topic ‘The jungle Of Calais’ in reference to the refugee camp in Calais.

Arif Hiridjee, Azad Hedaraly (Mehfile Zainab president), Nizar Katchera and other members visited the site, where the situation is very difficult.  Here is a summary of what they witnessed.

-More than 4000 refugees at the campsite

– They survive on one meal per day

– Most of them live in Camping tents

– The weather conditions are very difficult

– The Welfare association present on the ground in Calais, are overwhelmed by the greatness of the crisis

As you can see, the pictures are very moving and the information is incredibly alarming. There is real concern regarding this.  This opportunity was given to our youth in order to step up and take responsibility in order to help and assist others.

Under the guidance of their elders, 55 youth members present that night gathered themselves swiftly in order to get organised, assign tasks and have a concrete plan to tackle this situation. This is what they came up with :

-5 Major areas were targeted


2)Collection and sorting

3) Medical Aid

4) Purchasing Goods

5)Humanitarian Relief

An executive committee (COMEX) formed by members of both Jamaats was created in order to guide this project. With the enthusiasm shown by the assembly, the project ‘Help refugees in Calais’ was born.

Today, the first results of this selfless movement warm our hearts:

-Close to 5000 Euros and 185Kgs of donated food were collected for refugees

-Medical needs were covered for a month by the Medical team

We can do so much more. In such a dramatic context, where human dignity is being trampled upon, it is our duty to give hope to those who are in need.

The 30th night of Muharam is upon us and we have been given an opportunity to apply the lessons taught to us by the prince of Martys, Imam Al-Husayn (as).

The first trip to Calais is planned for the 28th of November.

A fundraiser will be held in our center on the day of Imam Hassan’s martyrdom

– From Thursday, 19th of November at Mehfile Zainab

Saturday, 21st of November at Mohammadi Imambargah.

Please follow the instructions about collectible items:

Essential Food

-Rice, pasta












-Warm mens clothes (Small and Medium)

-Without leather or buttons

-Sports shoes/Boots (euro size 42)

-any financial donation, no matter the amount, will help better the life of these refugees.

Please send us your donations before Monday November the 23rd.

For any information concerning the collection:

Nail Badouraly : + 33 (6) 51 23 05 21

Amrina Darmsy Ladha : + 33 (6) 01 06 48 29


or any information concerning the medical help:

Ehsane Premdjee : + 33 (6) 21 17 79 44

Mobachir R. Vasram : + 33 (7) 77 28 61 56


For other questions, please contact the communication team:
Naïme Vally : + 33 (6) 78 03 92 91

Lanika Charifou : + 33 (6) 19 21 52 81



Slideshow of the meeting: