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Get Involved

Who are we?

The Council of European Jamaats (CoEJ), established in 1983, is an umbrella body for Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities in Europe. Throughout the year we have various volunteering opportunities, in a range of activities.


CoEJ follows the three C model, to which all our activities are aligned to:

  • Promote unity and cohesion
  • Connect our communities with each other
  • Facilitate networking and sharing of best practices
  • Build capacity to serve our communities
  • Invest in developing our infrastructure and people
  • Work with our Jamaats in delivering good governance
  • Advocate our faith
  • Preserve our culture
  • Engage with other communities and institutions

Why volunteer?

‘The dearest to Allah (SWT) is the one who is most beneficial to people’

 – The Holy Prophet (SAWW)

In Islam, volunteering has a broader application which extends beyond social responsibility, becoming a core tenant of the faith itself, representing an act of worship to the Almighty.

Volunteers are the cornerstone of CoEJ and are essential to the work of the organisation. We value our volunteers; and their dedication and enthusiasm to donate the most precious of resources – time. We are able to provide a wide range of volunteering opportunities, as at the heart of CoEJ lie several boards, each producing activities and events for their own target demographic. To find out more about CoEJ and the boards please visit: http://www.coej.org/faqs/

We have provided below a list of just a few of the opportunities that we have, however if there is something specific that you would like to get involved in that has not been listed, please contact the Secretariat Office at secretariat@coej.org or 020 8696 5200.


Volunteering Opportunities:


  • Mentoring at various events e.g. Revision Camps, UCAS fairs, children’s summer camps.

Health Improvement

  • Volunteering services at regular health screenings
  • Help raise awareness of specific health issues across Europe
  • Organise annual charitable trip to Kibaha, East Africa

Islamic Cultural Affairs

  • Organise spiritual retreats to Morocco (Ma’rifa)
  • Produce and/or proof read informational books and leaflets on aspects of the religion
  • Assist with the administration of the Alim Grant


  • Organise women’s retreats, buloogh camps and summer camps
  • Mentor at children’s camps.

Media & PR

  • Assist with producing write ups of CoEJ events
  • Managing the online presence of CoEJ through Social Media
  • Writing articles and blog articles raising awareness of current affairs
  • Making /Designing apps
  • Filming, editing and producing short videos (promotional material and documenting activities)
  • Photography at events


  • Creating innovative methods of fundraising
  • Leading local fundraising efforts (be it Jamaat or area based)
  • Producing literature on relief efforts


  • Helping with the organisation of MAMT at Jamaat and regional levels


  • Organising youth based events e.g. conferences, careers days etc
  • Delivering presentations at events
  • Carrying out needs assessments
  • Establishing networks with youth bodies and supporting organisations

Along with the boards, there are other teams which provide valuable services. We also promote opportunities and recruit volunteers for a range of other organisations e.g. World Federation & MCB.

Should you wish to get involved with any of the above, or if you would like more information or have an idea of your own please contact CoEJ Secretariat at secretariat@coej.org or 020 8696 5200.