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Fatima Inspires 2018

The World Federation are pleased to announce the return of our Fatima Inspires initiative, which will run from Feb 20th 2018 to March 9th 2018.

The WF are very privileged to have amazing examples of strong and inspiring female role models in our community. Our Fatima Inspires initiative gives our community an opportunity to highlight these key individuals in honour of the Lady of Light, Sayidda Fatima (sa). We have had a fantastic response to this initiative in the past, and we are keen to continue appreciating the women in our community who do so much, but whose efforts sometimes go unacknowledged. This is our fourth year running this initiative and there are still so many women who deserve to be recognised for their contribution.

We strongly urge all  Jamaats to join in together as a united community to make every effort to celebrate these unsung heroes. WF are asking for your help in two ways:

  1. They ask that you nominate one or more women on behalf of your organisation who you think is deserving and ask your Jamaats to do the same. You can submit your nomination(s) here.
  2. They ask that member jamaats share this initiative with your community members across your preferred communications channels.         Click here to find out more