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Facilitators Development Program

On the weekend of 21-22 September 2019 , sixteen members of the community took part in the CoEJ Facilitators Development Program at Kents Hill Park Training Centre in Milton Keynes.

The main aim of this program was to increase the pool of people in our organisations and community who can develop their facilitation skills which will enable them to achieve their vision and goals. We spend increasing amounts of our working and community life attending meetings and conference calls, planning sessions and retreats, in order to achieve our goals and this program was tailored keeping this in mind.

The objectives of the program were:

  • To understand the Knowledge, Attitude and Skills required of a facilitator
  • To understand the difference between teaching, training and facilitation
  • To explore the range of processes in facilitation
  • To understand the relevance of Emotional Intelligence during facilitation
  • To examine the different stages in conducting a facilitation
  • To provide an opportunity to get practical experience to facilitate
  • To understand the principals of adult learning and its application

The feedback received was extremely positive, some of the participants comments can be found below:

“ I would explain how such skills can be useful in both a personal and professional context. I would also emphasise that taking on such a position also facilitates our spiritual growth and personal development in the quest to become well-rounded individuals. ”

“ Expert tips and advice complimented the structures and processes taught.”

“All in all a great weekend. I’ve come back inspired and motivated and look forward to serving my community in a different capacity.”

Some of the things participants valued the most:

” The safe space created by the facilitators and the group to share experiences, opinions and ideas. “

” The time taken out by the facilitators themselves to prepare and deliver the course. “

” The materials and opportunity to put the new found skills into practice during the final exercise.”