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Eid-al-Adha 1439

Eid-al-Adha 1439

To my community members in Europe and across the World,

Asalaamu alaykum.

May the peace and eternal blessings of Allah (SWT) be with you.

On behalf of The Council of European Jamaats, I would like to extend my best wishes to you on this blessed and joyous day of Eid. Eid Mubarak.

Indeed, this day of Eid provides an opportune time for both personal and collective reflection. It is a day that marks the end of Hajj, where millions of Muslims, from every nation on Earth, gathered together in the worship and praise of Allah (SWT). It is this manifestation of brotherhood and the unity of one nation and of one Ummah, we must continue to aspire to.

As followers of the Ahlulbayt (AS) we must form lasting bonds of friendship and cooperation not only with our brethren of other schools of thought, but with anyone who seeks to pursue the establishment of Prophetic values. On this day we must consider the immutable words of Amir al Mu’mineen, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib to his Governor of Egypt Malik al Ashtar. Imam notes that the people “are of two kinds, either your brother in religion or one like you in creation…so extend to them forgiveness and pardon, in the same way as you would like Allah to extend His forgiveness and pardon to you”. Let us therefore, make the commitment on this day of Eid, to forgive those who have wronged us and to seek forgiveness from those we have wronged.

In the coming days, visit relatives and neighbours. Speak to family and friends whom you have not spoken to for a long period of time. And spend some moments with those who within our community are bereaved of their close ones. In all, pass on the message of unity and its value.

Though today is a joyous day, the day Allah (SWT) blessed the devotion of Ibrahim (AS), we must remember the millions who continue to suffer under the spectre of tyranny, war, starvation, conflict and poverty. No matter in which part of the world they are, we should never cease praying for all the Muslims and the wronged who are afflicted by these hardships and we must commit ourselves to a conscious effort to play our part whether through charity or activism or any other noble means to achieve the betterment of humanity.

I have, during this Hajj, remembered all of you in my supplications. I pray that Allah (SWT), through guidance of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and the Holy Household, grants you and our community every success in all that we seek to achieve in his cause. May all your prayers and supplications, as well as the efforts of fellow Hujaj be accepted Inshallah.

My team and I are truly humbled and honoured that our community members in Europe have placed their trust in us to deliver our renewed commitments to them, and I am certain, with the help and prayers of our community, we can build on the successes we have already achieved. Over the next three years, the Council of European Jamaats will be implementing an ambitious programme. From providing additional support to our scholars, empowering women, safeguarding Islamic education to preserving our heritage and caring for the vulnerable, our plans are wide reaching and will seek to further advance our Community’s development.

Finally, I extend my humble gratitude to all our volunteers, supporters, and donors for their dedication, their time and their energy. Our institutions grow and develop upon their efforts and for which only Allah (SWT) can reward them.  I would also like to take an opportunity to thank The World Federation, and fellow Regional partners for their continued and dedicated support. CoEJ prides itself on working collaboratively and constructively to further the common and shared interests of our community across the world.


With salaams and duas,

Dr. Akber Mohamedali
President – The Council of European Jamaats


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