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CoEJ Youth Desk Presents: The Evolving Gender

‘The Evolving Gender’ is a conference organised by the CoEJ Youth Desk to discuss the role of a muslim woman in a 21st century western society.

Our speakers and topics include:

1. Talk 1: Jaffer Ladak
Topic: The emancipation of women in Islam

2. Talk 2: Amina Inloes
Topic: Examining the sermon of the Nahjul Balagha regarding the incompetence of women

3. Talk 3: Ali Reza Bhojani
Topic: The dynamic approach to the authority of a woman in Islamic Jurisprudence

4. Talk 4: Ali Najaf
Topic: Feminist philosophy: the rise of the woman’s worldview in philosophical discourse

5. Workshop 1: Amina Inloes
Topic: Examining the sermon of Syeda Fatima

6. Workshop 2: Esmat Jeraj, Anisa Kanji
Topic: Women in community leadership: Valued stakeholders or token gestures?

7. Workshop 3: Kumayl Rajani
Topic: Crosschecking Gender Equilibrium in this World and Hereafter

8. Workshop 4: Masuma Jaffer
Topic: Should leadership roles in the community be gender blind?

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