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CoEJ Vice President Dr. Jiwa visits Shi’a Communities of Barcelona & Copenhagen

Dr Husein Jiwa, CoEJ Vice President recently visited Barcelona, Spain. On this trip he had the privilege of meeting with the Mu’mineen of the Pakistani community who have been settled there since 1999.

In 2002, they formed ‘Association Cultural Imamita Duo De Cimana.’ The association serves a diverse Shia community namely Moroccan, Syrian, Iranian, Indian and local Spanish reverts.

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They have recently registered the “Foundation International Fatimia ” and a premises has also been purchased with the assistance from the World Federation of KSIMC. Dr Jiwa was glad to visit the premises and meet up with the committee members of the Association’s Governing Body and the Fatimia Foundation Body. According to the vice Secretary General Syed Zaheer Abbas, soon on completion of the Foundation International Fatimia project,  the Association Cultural Imamita Duo De Cimana will merge with the Foundation International Fatimia to form one body.


On the 7th of November 2015, Dr Husein Jiwa attended the conference for Christians and Muslims at the Islamic Centre of Imam Ali Mosque, Copenhagen, the biggest mosque in Denmark. The mosque takes pride in introducing its programs in four different languages: Arabic, Farsi, Danish and English.

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