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CoEJ President’s Eid-al Fitr 1440AH Message

                                      Zahra Ibrahim, 8 years old                                                             Syeda Zainab Zaidi, 9 years old

                                           Winner Age Catergory: 5 – 8                                                                 Winner Age Catergory: 9 – 12

Eid al- Fitr Message from the President of The Counil of European Jamaats (CoEJ)


 My dear community members in Europe, and across the world, Salaamun Alaykum.

On behalf of the Council of European Jamaats, I would like to extend my warmest and best wishes to all on this blessed and joyous day of Eid. As the Holy Month of Ramadhan departs us, we pray that our faithful acts of worship, our charitable efforts, and our supplications have been accepted by the Almighty, and that He affords us another opportunity to acquire His innumerable favour again in the Holy Month next year.

The day of Eid provides an opportune moment for us to reflect and celebrate. Whether we spend today, and the next coming days, in the company of our loved ones, or in remembrance of our dearly departed, or indeed in the extension of Prophetic acts of kindness towards our neighbours, we must not forget that our communal success rests in the value we place in our unity. Coupled with our commitment to uphold the values and teachings of our Holy Prophet (SAW) and the Holy Household (AS), we must assist each other in our journey towards our Creator in order to confront the common challenges we face, and the shared ambitions we seek to achieve.

Over the past twelve months, the Council of European Jamaats has sought to fulfil its role in the nurturing of our community’s growth with the continuation of our projects and activities. Most recently, we have continued to invest in our training programmes for Madressa teachers, maintaining our commitment to ensuring that our children receive a high standard of Islamic education. Over the coming months, we look forward to expanding the scope of our activities on the pressing challenges of mental health, as well as taking over 150 hujjaj on a journey of a lifetime.

Indeed, the activities of CoEJ could not be undertaken without the immense contribution of all our volunteers in the selfless dedication of their time and energy to the service of our community. I am truly honoured and humbly grateful for their efforts, and I am certain Allah (SWT) has afforded them a recompense that only He could bestow.

Lastly, I would like to note my thanks to our member Jamaats for assisting the Council of European Jamaats over the past year, as well as The World Federation and fellow regional bodies for their continued and dedicated support. I also wish to extend my thanks to all of our supporters within the body of CoEJ. Your time, donations, and efforts ensure that CoEJ continues to develop and grow.

I pray for the continued success of our community in Europe and across the world. I look forward to another year of collective spiritual growth, where our unity is strengthened through the guidance of Allah (SWT) and His chosen ones.

With Salaams and Duas,

Dr. Akber Mohamedali
President – The Council of European Jamaats

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