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CoEJ Objectives

In 2011, the Executive Council initiated the ‘Striving for a Brighter Future’ initiative. The aim of Striving was to enable CoEJ to develop with clarity and focus on goals and objectives, as well as direct the future activities of the body according to the needs of our members.

Data and input was collected from Member Jamaats, Councillors & Grassroot members.

The results generated from Striving have been encompassed in the following CoEJ Objectives and Delivery Principles:


  • Promote unity and cohesion
  • Connect our communities with each other
  • Facilitate networking and sharing of best practices


  • Build capacity to serve our communities
  • Invest in developing our infrastructure and people
  • Work with our Jamaats in delivering good governance


  • Advocate our faith
  • Preserve our culture
  • Engage with other communities and institutions

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