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CoEJ Mediation Skills Training 2020 – Weekend 1

What is Mediation?
• A pragmatic approach to dealing with conflict.
• It follows a process by which an impartial third party (the Mediator) facilitates a conversation between the parties in dispute.
• It provides an opportunity for parties experiencing conflict to identify the issues, explore options, avoid a blame scenario and reach a workable outcome.

This weekend was the first of three weekends of the CoEJ Mediation Skills Training. The main objective of the training is to increase the number of mediators at CoEJ.

Training and supervision is being provided by Dr Lesley Allport from LADR which is an approved training provider of the College of Mediators.

Ten participants are undergoing the training. The President of CoEJ Dr Akbar Mohamedali was also present for the first weekend.

This program is in the memory of Marhum Kasam Jaffer – it was with passion and energy he devised an original training course. This was his vision for the community – which we continue.

One of the quotes from his original training is:

“Conflict is inevitable – the beginning of consciousness – but combat is optional”

Please see below for pictures from the Training