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CoEJ Media Awareness Training- 24 March 2019

Hosted at the beautiful Al Zahra Centre, the CoEJ Media Awareness Training on Sunday 24 March saw Resident Alims and Jamaat representatives across communities come together to better understand the dynamics of media narratives and press in the UK.

We started the day off by looking at the roles of Muslims – and specifically, Imams – in the media and discussed the sensitivities associated with this. Case studies of good media practices were analysed to begin putting together a ‘media toolkit’ in combatting Islamophobia. Having studied and reflected upon techniques to encourage proactive engagement, attendees had the opportunity to be mock-interviewed and put their learning to practice.

Miqdaad Versi, Media Spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Britain, very skilfully conducted the training day and had this to say:

It’s great to have such a wide range of different people coming here to understand the different challenges when it comes to media, and to recognise the necessity of looking at this topic more broadly. I hope that we are going to be able to have specific media plans and strategies to help mitigate the potential risks that the communities might face going forward, and I am always happy to help support where I can.”

The training day was, no doubt, beneficial in helping CoEJ Jamaats consider their disaster response and it is hoped that this will be the starting point for our communities in collectively harnessing the art of media engagement and tackling Islamophobia.

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