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Camper’s Diaries – Day 7

**Camp CoEJ 2016- 7th August**

Girls Camper Diary- Mercury

Our lessons today were with Zainab Bai Ladak, Masuma Aunty Shahnawaz and Sajida bai. Zainab bai’s lesson was the amazing art of cupcake decoration . She taught us how to ice properly and how to make a butterfly cake. In Masuma Aunty’s class, we learnt that small acts of kindness can change people’s life. It doesn’t hurt to spend two minutes to help someone out. In Sajida bai’s class, we learnt about the impact Muslims had on the modern world. For example, we made: Paper, Soap, Sweets, Ice Cream Gliders etc.

The activities we did were mountain biking and wobble board. First we did the mountain biking in the woods. It was fun as a rare few of us didn’t know how to ride a bike and others encouraged them to learn and they were soon cycling everywhere.

camp coej girls day 7.2

After that, we did the wobble board, that basically was a pole that you climb up as it wobbles. We then did trust exercises where we had to trust ourselves and each other.

In our PDT session, we were faced with the challenge of using a guttering system, to get the water from one bucket to the one on the other side. Our only resources were the ground, bamboo sticks, string and 3 gutter tubes. The challenges we faced were that the bamboo sticks weren’t very strong and the string didn’t make the sticks durable. Eventually, we stuck the bamboo sticks in the ground and used the string to tie them. Unfortunately they fell out when we tested it, and wasn’t very reliable.

We had great laughs singing nasheeds like “Allah made everything” and “Number 1 for me”. 2 of the mentors even started fencing with the bamboo sticks. We had lots of fun and would like to do it again. In the end, we didn’t make much progress and ran out of time, but had great fun trying 🙂

Mercury: Aasiyah Kanji, Aliyah Zahra Naqvi, Zainab Kassam, Zamina Haji, Zoya Zehra



**Camp CoEJ 2016- 7th August**

Boys Camper Diary- Mars

Today, we did mountain biking and wobble boarding. Both of these required extreme concentration, physicality and team work.

Wobble Boarding: we had to get to the top of the platform without using a ladder. The first step on the pillar was about 2 meters high that we would have to reach with the help of our team mates. Once we got to the top, all 4 team mates would have to stand at the top despite the platform wobbling. It was a really good team exercise and we all managed to complete it first time round.

Mountain Biking: we had gone into the forest to go around the tra

camp coej day 7

ck. It was quite difficult because of the uneven surface and all the uphill paths we had to cycle. I was riding down the hill and I couldn’t control my momentum and I was about to ride into the tree. Adrenaline was rushing through and I heard everyone shouting BRAKE! Instantly, I managed to stop myself hitting the tree!

Writing this diary at the end of the day is the last thing we do before going to bed, so exhausted! P.S. We are getting fed amazing food so don’t worry, love you xxx

Mars: Ali Jeganathan, Ali Sadak, Camil Ali Malik, Elias Jaffer, Ichane Badouraly, Mikaeel Somji, Muhammad Jawad Virjee, Zain Ali Meghji