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Camper’s Diaries – Day 6

**Camp CoEJ 2016- 6th August**

Girls Camper Diary- Neptune

Today started with me waking up to a lovely sunny day. We got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. I sat with my friends and we talked. After that, we had Sajida bai’s class and it as all about ‘inspirational Muslim women in Islam’. My favourite one is Malala because she fought for education and got shot because of it. Then we had our activities of high ropes and tunneling. Lastly, we went star gazing at night, and now I’m off to bed.

Not going to lie, today was really challenging. We had to do high ropes and tunneling. In high ropes, there were 2 levels, hard and easy (but even the easy level was hard! LOL). So for the easy one, we had to climb up a ladder, up the tree, and pull ourselves, onto a wooden beam. When we were up on the beam, we had to try walk over to the other side WITHOUT FALLING OFF! But just remember, WE WERE UP IN THE TREES.! The second level was called the Leap of Faith. At first, I was really really anxious and I had no intention of doing it but after a bit of motivation, I did it! Honestly speaking, I thought I was going to die. We had to climb up really high and jump off the edge. After all the activities, we had Personal Development Time. This session was really fun as we were decorating candles. I wrote my name in the middle and got everyone to sign. Then we all went outside to do some star gazing. We had all these fancy microscopes and we managed to find Saturn! It was so pretty! I’m so upset to be leaving in 4 days. Really going to miss all out friends, my mentors and my planet! It was a really good experience and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

Today we did high ropes and tunneling, but I didn’t like tunneling so I stopped. For PDT, we did mendhi candle decorating and tried to get everyone to sign mine. Then we went star gazing, but I didn’t get to see Saturn. We also had a Maher Zain singalong

Today Burayha bai was teaching us about a life cycle of the sun. It was interesting and fascinating and best of all, we are going to do star gazing tonight. We then went to Sajida bai’s class and talked about the role Muslims have had in inventions, and Muslim women’s jobs which was very interesting. Lunch and dinner was both very yummy. For our activities, we had high ropes and tunneling. High ropes was amazingly fun and so was tunneling but very muddy and wet. Finally, the end of the day, we did star gazing. The best part of all was seeing Saturn. It was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen in my life and it had the ring around it. So cool!

Today our first lesson consisted of learning about the life cycle of stars with Burayha bai, followed by a Quran session with Masuma aunty. In our lesson, we learnt about famous inspirational women. For our activities, we did tunneling and high ropes. Tunneling was fun although it was near impossible not to get muddy. Me and my team were really confident , so we braved the tunnels without our headlights.The high ropes was fun too and we did the leap of faith, which is when you jump from a platform several meters in the air and try to catch a thin metal bar (it’s as hard as it sounds). Also, we had to climb onto a wooden beam between two trees several meters high. I am proud to say I have hugged a wooden beam roughly 5 metres in the air. All in all, today was very, very tiring and I am looking forward to bed.

Todays lessons were very informative and interesting. My favourite lesson was the life cycle of a star. We learnt the stages of how a star is developed. It starts of with Nebula C (a cloud with gas and dust), the main sequence, the sun, the red giant- a bigger version of the main sequence and planetary nebula, a few disorganised rock floating in space and the white dwarf; the little heavy rock that sits in the middle of the sun.

Neptune: Aliya Zaynab Asaria, Amina Ahmed, Saania Zehra, Sarah Naqvi, Sophia Zamina Jiwa, Zainub Hassan


**Camp CoEJ 2016- 6th August**

Boys Camper Diary- Saturn

I went rock climbing and I have never done it before so I was quite worried. After Zain Ali, the first person got to the top, I never expected to reach the ball at the top. And then when I went, I struggled to put my feet and my hands and I kept slipping. After I found my way, I looked up and figured out a strategy. I excelled my expectations and got much higher, and think that if I had more time I could get higher than half way.

In the development time I think that I really liked the lesson on public speaking with with Maria Aunty. She helped my develop my body language. I used tot lean against the wall, play with my hands ancamp coej day 6.2d look down; I know what to say but didn’t know what to do with my hands. I learned different body gestures that engages the audience.

I really enjoyed my day, although I didn’t win, it was very fun. The rick climbing was the most fun, because it was challenging and difficult.

It was very fun. We did lots of team work in the morning when we did rock climbing. And I really enjoyed the sports because there were a lot of us who played together. Rifle Shooting seemed a but easier, but it was actually quite hard.

I liked every meal of today. I like all the meals everyday, like breakfast lunch and dinner. My favourite meal was fish fingers, chips and soup. My favourite part of the activities was rock climbing when I was coming down, after I had reached the top and rang the bell.

The activity that I enjoyed the most was Rifle Shooting miniature targets and got the best score. It was extremely satisfying when I got my first shot.

Saturn: Jabir Valji, Komayl Hasham, Hassan Mithani, Maisam Hussein, Mohammed Shabbir Karim, Ryan Goulchanly, Sajjad Shabir