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Camper’s Diaries – Day 5

Camper’s Diaries (GIRLS) – Day 5

We woke up in the morning at 9:30am because we got to sleep in as we were going to Brighton. Saania, Zainab, Sophia Zamina and I sat in the coach together at the back where we talked, looked at the scenery, and talked in accents. When we arrived at Devil’s Dyke, there was a lot of lovely scenery and nature trails. We ate a lovely lunch which was made by Mansoora Aunty. It was delicious. We then prayed salaah under the open sky and afterwards, went to eat Ice Cream and play sports (and did the hokie cokie)- It was really fun! We played stuck in the mud and did mentors vs campers. It was funny because we used excuses like ‘the bus is here’. We then travelled back to the site and had planet time with our mentors. We were each given a sheet of paper with someones name on it and we had to write something nice about them.
Today was good as we woke up later than usual, at 9:30 as we were going for a day trip to Brighton. After having breakfast and packing our backpack, we boarded the coach at 12:30. The coach ride was fun because of all the beautiful scenery we got to see. When we reached Brighton, we found a picnic spot with a lovely view and ate our snacks. All in all it was a lovely day. After lunch, we played a few games with the ball and then boarded the coach back to the site


Planet Venus


Boys Camper Diary- Jupiter

This diary entry is a collation of entries from campers in the planet Jupiter.

We went to Brighton today. We went to a place called Devils Dyke which was amazing. The scenery was spectacular. We also played American Football and got ice cream.

Today was one of the best days at the camp. We went to Brighton, Devils Dyke to be exact. Firstly we all got off the coach and on to the grass. There were beautiful views and the atmosphere around us was peaceful and calming. After having a look at the landscape we sat down in a circle and had our food. After our food we prayed namaaz and for wudhu we used very minimal water since we had water bottles. Then we played football as a big group and after we had ice cream. After we boarded back on the coach and hooked back to Lodge Hill.

Today we went to Devils Dyke. The surrounding was peaceful and beautiful (subhanallah) the way the hill went down the sight of the broken castle it was a sight to see. Even on the coach the scenery was too good to be true.

I had lots of fun. Yesterday we did map reading and it was really fun. We had to find the treasure. It was soo fun. After that we went to Brighton, it was sensational. After I got an ice cream which had 1 flake. We played a game of football, I was in goal. On the way back I sat next to Ali J. We had so much fun it was one of the best days at camp.

Today was easily one of the best days here. First of all, we slept in till 9.30am! Then we had a normal routine will we got on the coach to Brighton. We has a lot of fun and especially enjoyed the view from the Devils Dyke. After that we had dinner that was incredible and had an awesome stargazing PDT session where I saw a shooting star and a cluster of 300,000 stars! Now we have to go to bed so that’s the days update.

Today we woke up at 9.30. I then went for a shower. Then I went and ate breakfast. I had crunchy nut and milk. We then had quran class. After that we went to our dorm and got ready. We then went onto the bus and went to Brighton. When we reached Devils Dyke, we had lunch, did wudhu, and prayed. Then we played football.

We then went back and had PDT. Then we ate, prayed, had PDT, ate dessert, news feed, post bag and went to sleep.

Jupiter: Adnan Bhamani, Mohammed Amersi, Saami Hussein Jaffer, Muhammad Abbas Sabir, Abid Karawalli, Ali Imran Tharoo