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Camper’s Diaries – Day 4

Thursday 4th August 2016 – Camper Diary by Mars.

Fajr: today we prayed Salaat ul Layl before fajr which meant that we woke up super early. It was so hard for me to wake up, but I did it.

Abseiling: we did abseiling and as I have a fear of heights this was quite difficult for me. My hands were trembling as I walked up the stairs. As soon as the clapper in front of me had finished I was instantly doubting my decision. As the instructor attached the rope to my harness I started to cry. I held his arm and closed my eyes then began my descent. As I was doing that, an adrenaline shot through me and I even let go of the rope and reached the bottom!

camp coej day 4.3

Orienteering: one of the activities today was orienteering. This is when you have to find points with a stamp by using the map to get around the camp site. We had 40 minutes to find as many as we could, and together as a team we managed to find 12 stamps.

Sports & Lunch: at around noon, we came to a decision to play the perfect game of FIFA CoEJ edition. The game started top 99 rated M.J Virjee and other respected friends and family.

The game turned out to be an easy success with the help of Altaf Bha (the ref) as he conducted the beginning of the first intriguing match. M.J Virjee’s opponents fell to a shocking defeat.

At lunch, the succulent, tender chicken filled my mouth with intense satisfaction. The potatoes were pretty decent too.

Classes: so far our lessons in our camp are so good and entertaining as well as it being educational and also there are so many good teachers teaching.

Dinner: Ce sain nous avons mangé des lasagnes pour le dinner, cé’tait très bon. Le praillime est que les anglaid mangent vraiment lôt; vens 18h39 mais il y a un dessert après durant le PFT vens 22h30


camp coej day 4.1


PDT: during PDT some mentors and campers were late and as a learning experience we got to choose a punishment for them. We listened to their reasons and apologies and in the end I was feeling generous so I gave them a second chance.

I also found out how to talk to animals.

Thursday Program: we had Dua Kumayl and reflected on some aspects of it. We also had some oreo cream banoffee dessert and then heard the news as well as read out some embarrassing letters in postbag. Now we’re writing our diaries and heading off to bed!