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Camper’s Diaries – Day 3

Camper’s Diaries (BOYS) – Day 3


I went rock climbing and I have never done it before so I was quite worried. After Zainali Bha, the first person got to the top, I never expected to reach the bell at the top, and then when I went, I struggled to put my feet and my hands and I kept slipping. After I found my way, I looked up and figured a strategy. I excelled my expectations and got much higher, and think that if I had more time, I would get higher than halfway
Maisam Hussain’s highlight of the day was tower building


In the development time, I really liked the opportunity to work on public speaking with Maria Aunty who helped me develop my body language. Before, I used to lean against the wall, play with my hands and look down. I knew what to say, but didn’t know what to do with my hands. I learnt different body gestures that engages the audience
Mohammed Shabbir Karim


I really enjoyed my day, and although I didn’t win, it was very fun. The rock climbing was the most fun, because it was challenging and difficult
Sajjad Shabbir


It was very fun. We did lots of team work in the morning when we did rock climbing. And I really enjoyed the sports because there were a lot of us who played together. Rifle shooting seemed a bit easier, but it was actually quite hard
Jabir Valji


I liked every meal of today, I like all the meals every day, like breakfast, lunch and dinner. My favourite meal was fish fingers, chips and soup. My favourite part of the activities was rock climbing when I was coming down, after I reached the top and rang the bell
Komayl Hasham