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Camper’s Diaries – Day 1

Camper’s Diaries (Girls) Mercury – Day 1

On Sunday 31st July, we had an amazing start to Camp CoEJ. We used the time to get to know one another and our mentors, and we had great fun playing games as a group to break the ice. We enjoyed beating our mentors in a game of dodgeball before spending the night at the Al Zahra Centre in Watford.

After sharing the food that we had all taken time to prepare ourselves at home, we snuggled up into our blankets and sleeping bags and stayed up talking all night.  A lot of us were getting butterflies thinking of the activities that were to come over the next 10 days. On the coach journey, some of us played Harry Potter Top Trumps and others of us played The Name Game.

camp coej girls 2

On arrival at Lodge Hill, we were all bursting with excitement to see our rooms and explore the centre. After getting to know our roommates, we had an amazing opportunity to investigate the land around us when we went for a walk. Our surroundings looked identical to the new Jungle Book movie. After that we had a good nights sleep and today we are having an amazing time doing activities. It was really different but a lot of fun staying in one room together and sleeping in bunk beds.

Although we miss our families, making new friends is really exciting, and we are really enjoying ourselves with these unique experiences.

Mecury: Aliya Zahra Naqvi, Zamina Haji, Zainab Kassam, Aasiyah Kanji, Zoya Zehra


Camper’s Diaries (Boys) Mars – Day 1


The day was really fun, consisted of travelling lots. Before the camp started we were really scared, but now after meeting everyone, knowing their names and facts about them, we are all a lot more confident and excited.

The main part of the day was settling in, and also exploring the campsite. We went down to the court where we played football and bonded as a planet.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-02 at 11.02.20

Waking up for fajr and breakfast was quite difficult, and as the day went on we realised we should have slept more instead of talking so much!

We’re all very excited for tomorrow and miss our families very much!

Planet Mars: Ichane Badouraly, Muhammad Jawad Virjee, Ali Sadak, Ali Jegnathan, Elias Jaffer, Mikaeel Somji, Zainali Meghji, Camil Ali Malik