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Camp CoEJ Orientation Day

On Saturday 22nd April 2017, the Camp CoEJ 2017 Core Support Team, along with the Mentors, met together for their first Orientation Session.

The session commenced with a Quranic reflection on 17:70 about the importance of valuing ourselves just as Allah values each of us.

The session then followed with group activities and presentations about the ethos of Camp CoEJ, focusing on values such as Understanding self and Unlocking Self Potential, Valuing Differences, Supporting the growth of others, Sakhawa/Service, and treating people as people, and not as objects.  The mentors were also given an insight into a ‘Day in the Life’ of a Camper at Camp CoEJ and the various parts of the timetable such as Outdoor activities, Classes, Quran sessions and ‘Personal Development Time’. The mentors learnt about the importance of connecting with the campers on a personal level, as well as the ways that they can support them throughout the camp.

The team were then given the opportunity to meet with the CoEJ Councillors over lunch, who were present at the same venue for the CoEJ Executive Councillors meeting. The team discussed with the Councillors what has driven them to volunteer for Camp CoEJ and their Jamaats, and how by attending various camps themselves, including the CoEJ Sweden Camp, the CoEJ girls Buloogh Camp and the CoEJ Youth Development Programme (YDP) has shaped their lives. They shared that these experiences made them into who they are today and has given them the confidence to give back to the community and support the growth of the next generation.

From the closing circle at the end of the day, there was a buzz of excitement and enthusiasm in the room, and the mentors can’t wait to start the camp! The team had closely bonded in the few hours that they spent together and are looking forward to welcoming the campers to the Camp CoEJ family.

A warm thanks to Leicester Jamaat for hosting the Camp CoEJ 2017 team and for their hospitality.

“The first training day was an amazing experience to get to know the fellow mentors who we would be working with. It gave a good insight into the camp itself and made me feel much more confident about being a mentor”- Mehdi Khaki, Birmingham

” The Mentor Orientation Day was a long but productive day. It gave us, the mentors an insight into the structure of a day to day life of a camper at Camp CoEJ, as well as the responsibilities it will entail for the mentors. The best part was getting to know the whole team. The mentors were from all over UK but came together with the same pure purpose. I’m really looking forward to the future training sessions and working with the team”- Sharmin Rajani, Leicester

“The mentor training session we had was incredibly insightful and useful. We had the chance to get to know more about Camp CoEJ including the daily activities during the camp and what’s expected of us as mentors, as well as past mentors coming in to tell us about their own experiences as being mentors previously. We also went through the core values at Camp CoEJ, with helpful examples which helped us understand what’s needed to be a good mentor. I was feeling pretty nervous at the start, because it’s my first time applying to be a mentor and I didn’t know what to expect, but the session has definitely removed this worry and made me realise how much of a big and positive impact I can have for the campers experience inshAllah, and now I can’t wait for the camp to begin!”- Zainab Sajan, Birmingham

“The day was incredibly insightful with a range of activities not only to break the ice but also to form bonds with some new and some old peers. It reminded me of the many positive luxuries we have by being a part of the community. I was over the moon when a book I am currently reading was quoted, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey, as this is a book that has had a large impact on my life and I got this feeling of ‘I must be doing something right’. The environment was nice, the facilitators and Core Support Team were phenomenal, the team of mentors seems to be very easy going and talented and I really look forward to working with them all. In addition to this, the day really got me excited to get on with Camp CoEJ; 6th August cannot come soon enough!!”- Mohamed Abbas Virji, Peterborough

“It was a great and insightful session- we really got to know and feel the support and energy of the great team we have with us and learnt a lot more about the exciting journey ahead. It was a great and fun session to get to bond and connect with our new team, helping us to learn, prepare and be well equipped for the exciting journey ahead of us”- Anisah Shah, Watford

“The training for Camp CoEJ has been very inspiring, motivating and reassuring to all the worries that I had. The session gave me a boost of confidence which I didn’t think I had. I am thankful for the amount of comfort that has been built between myself, the mentors as well as the core support team, I feel as though I can rely on them for any help whether that’s sharing my worries or asking for support and I am really looking forward to see how we all play our roles during camp!”- Zahra Jetha, Birmingham

The Camp CoEJ Team are below:

Camp CoEJ Head– Waheeda Rahim (Wessex)


Head- Masuma Jaffer (Hujjat)

Core Support Team

Aqila Hameer (Hujjat)

Maryam Moti (Birmingham)

Sayyeda-Maryam Gangji (Wessex)


Anisah Shah (Watford)

Fatema Nasser (Hujjat)

Sakina Sabir (Leicester

Sharmin Rajani (Leicester)

Zahra Jetha (Birmingham)

Zainab Sajan (Birmingham)

Support Team

Nazmina Dhanji-Aalima (Hujjat)

Tahira Mahdiyya Khaki- Teacher (Hujjat)



Head- Waheeda Rahim (Wessex)

Core Support Team

Altaf Dhanji (Peterborough)

Ammaar Rahim (Wessex)

Zaheer Ali (Leicester )


Maisam Jakhara  (Leicester

Mehdi Khaki (Birmingham)

Mohamed Abbas Virji (Peterborough)

Yasir Barkat Ali (Leicester)

Zaheer-Abbas Daya (Hujjat)

Support Team

Sajjad Hameer (Hujjat)

Shabbir Rajani (Leicester)


Media- Mohammed Ali Virani (Hujjat)

There are limited places available! Registration forms can be found at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/camp-coej-2017-registration-32046891114. Early bird deadline is 11th June 2017!

Watch the Camp CoEJ 2017 Promotional Video with exclusive interviews at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgdYp2q-4Oo&t=9s