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Camp CoEJ Feedback from Parents

Below are feedback emails that the Camp CoEJ team have received from the parents of the campers:


Dear Waheeda Bai,
Assalamun alaikum

Thank you for your beautiful and touching email.
As parents , such inspiring words make us feel wonderful.
Our hearts are full of gratitude and emotion to see how much you all care about our gifts and how you are going about trying to get them to reach their full potential in this journey.
The email you sent has really helped us see where you are taking them spiritually,physically and emotionally.
I have no words to express my admiration and gratitude to you and all the camp Coej team.
We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.
May Allah bless you all with the best of his bounties.

Salaams and Duas


SalaamAlaikum Waheeda and a belated Juma Mubarak,
Thank you so much for your email which has been forwarded to me by my husband.

I am so grateful to you for having written it as it truly gives a sense of bonding with the organizers. It wasn’t easy to part with our gifts. Its the first time that I have ever felt reluctant to part with a gift, yet, deep down I knew that Mohamed will be in loving hands.
To be honest, over the week I have been looking forward to hearing from the organizers and your email is honestly a fantastic idea. Its like a triangle that has linked the child , parent and student and very much like the one of the student, teacher and parent.
In both cases the child/student being the most important factor.
Your last paragraph has stirred up feelings of  when one awaits meeting up with someone you love so much, after being apart.
Thank you once again.
May Allah (SWT) fulfill all your hajaats and accept this wonderful deed you are doing to help our children appreciate Allah (SWT) .



Dear Waheeda,
Thank you for your beautiful, warm and lovely email today. It was so heartwarming to be able to share twhat the boys and girls have been experiencing away at camp.

You are right in that we, the parents were a bit nervous to have our children away from us for so many days. Both my sister Masuma and myself knew deep in our hearts that it was the right thing to do for our sons Saami and Elias.
As soon as we met you and had the orientation, it gave us a real insight to what the camp was about , so much more than we had been expecting. A feeling of calm came over us and we  knew our children were in safe and wonderful hands- right from the mentors to the admin and the  teachers.
The daily updates have been fantastic and something we look forward to every day.
Thank you again for dong something so wonderful and amazing for our children and us as parents.
I look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!

Salaams to all the wonderful people at camp CoEJ !