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Camp CoEJ 2017

What is Camp CoEJ about?

The focus and ethos of Camp CoEJ is ‘Nurturing potential to serve: Personal, Physical, Educational, Spiritual’

Nurturing potential to serve means that we unlock participants’ and volunteers’ potential so that they can serve Allah, through serving the family, community and humanity.

There is a purpose behind each activity that the campers will participate in. There are activities specifically designed to help strengthen their public speaking and communication skills, as well as team-building activities to draw out their leadership and cooperation skills, alongside participating in Jamaat salaah, and even being encouraged to lead salaah and du’a recitation.

The campers will also participate in daily discussions led by the Alim/Alima, Core Support Team and Mentors, ranging from current affairs to religious matters and spiritual enhancement.

Campers at Camp CoEJ will develop a sense of selflessness and helpfulness within the camp, by serving meals with a smile, supporting those younger and older, and forming long-lasting relationships with the whole Camp CoEJ family.

Camp CoEJ promotes core Islamic values, attitudes, morals and behaviours through workshops and activities in a holistic Islamic environment.

The campers will have the opportunity to share in new and fun experiences in purposefully chosen locations amid natural surroundings, encouraging a culture of sportsmanship. Activities include Archery, Caving, High Ropes, Zipline, Skyline, 3G swing and many more!

The mentors and Core Support Team go through 6 full days of training to equip them with the skills to support the campers in their development journey. Each camper, Mentor, and individual(s) from the Core Support Team brings with them unique gifts to the camp. Together, by nurturing these gifts, the Camp CoEJ Family is formed.

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