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Behaviour Management Training – Wessex Jamaat

On Saturday 07 December 2019 the CoEJ SAN Behaviour Management Team facilitated a Behaviour Management Training at the Al Mahdi Madrassah, Wessex Jamaat.

The interactive workshop was facilitated by Sr. Zainab Rahemani and Sr. Mohsinah Datoo who are both qualified teachers as well as Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo, Director of Al Mahdi Madrassah.

Some of the objectives of the Behaviour Management Training included:

• Highlighting behaviour challenges and exploring solutions
• Discussing and analysing possible solutions to different scenarios
• Demonstrating and examining what good and bad responses to poor behaviour look like
• Reviewing the Madrassah Behaviour Policy

At the end of the session participants established a working group to develop and rollout a pilot Behaviour Policy for al Mahdi Madrassah.

Please see the pictures from the Training below

When participants were asked:

What you enjoyed most about the training workshop?

‘The examples the facilitators gave of their own experiences in teaching and behavioural management.’
‘Interactive activities, approachable facilitators with a wealth of knowledge. Glad that we now have an action plan sorted going forward.’

What is the most valuable learning you are taking from the Behaviour management training workshop?

‘How to keep a child engaged in my lesson’
‘How to handle students misbehaviour in class as well as reward positive behaviour’
‘Regardless of age, children need to have a clear management plan and expectations of their behaviour, consequences and rewards in the classrooms’