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A Task for Our children

Many of us are struggling to wrap our heads around the current global situation with COVID-19 forcing us to adapt to a completely new way of being. We have so many questions racing through our minds: Why has this happened? What is Allah trying to teach us? When will our Imam reappear and restore peace in this world?

Our children too are trying to make sense of the world around them and we want to know what their questions are. Therefore, they are invited to take part in an activity to share their concerns and questions with us along with an accompanying picture to illustrate what they are thinking.

This activity is intended to give children a platform to express themselves and will also allow us to better understand what children in the community are feeling and experiencing at this time.

A scholar will then respond to a sample of entries and this will help us to create a child-friendly resource to support children in their journey to strengthening their relationship with their creator inshaAllah. We look forward to receiving your child’s thoughts.

Send in a scan or picture of your child’s work, along with their name and age:
To: Secretariat@coej.org
Deadline extended to Thursday 30 April 2020

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