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#VisitMyMosque day at KSIMC Birmingham

Message from the KSIMC of Birmingham:

On the 7th Feb we have a #VisitMyMosque event from 2-4pm– which is an MCB initiative, run nationwide across many mosques. Our aim is to give some clarity to neighbours on what Islam is about, and what we offer to the local community. We have a few stalls in the imambargah to address the above aim. The stalls will be on:

–          A fun Quiz about Islam

–          On Hijab – with a practical demonstration

–          Books + Listening to the Holy Qur’an ( to stimulate the kinaesthetic amongst the visitors)

–          What our community does & services we offer to the local community

–          Who is Hussain

There will also be a guided tour of the mosque and its facilities by one of our 3 qualified Faith Guides, followed by a discussion and Q&A with some refreshments.

Members are asked to make our guests feel welcome and feel at home. You are most welcome to participate in the discussion circles and also engage with the visitors.

If you can bring along at least one non-Muslim/Shia to the event it would be amazing !

RSVP unity@ksmnet.org how many people you will be bringing