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5th Annual Madrassah Leadership Teams (MLT) Workshop

The CoEJ Spiritual Academies Network (SAN) held its 5th Annual Madrassah Leadership Teams (MLT) Workshop on 16 November 2019 at Al- Zahra Centre in Watford.

This years workshop had 30 representative in Leadership positions from across the Madaris in Europe including, Marsta, North France and South France. Out of the 15 Madaris under CoEJ SAN, 12 Madaris have rolled out the Tarbiyah Curriculum. All 12 Madaris who have rolled out the curriculum had an average of 2 participants representing their Madrassah at the MLT.

The main themes of the MLT workshop were the essence of the Tarbiyah Curriculum, sharing of best practices and discussing the opportunities and challenges the Madaris are facing in rolling out the Tarbiyah Curriculum. The workshop provided an opportunity for Madrassah Leaders to present any innovative products or resources their madrassah had developed and implemented successfully.

Madaris were also given an opportunity to liaise, network and share information with each other as well as proactively plan for the future. During the MLT workshop, CoEJ SAN went through their achievements of the 2019 contract and also created the contract for 2020 together with the Madaris.

Below are some pictures that capture moments from the workshop.

When participants were asked:

What you valued the most from the MLT Workshop?
The Sharing of issues facing the Madaris and the sharing of best practices’
‘Presentations by Madaris on things they are doing at the moment’

‘Learning about other Madaris issues’
Particularly enjoyed dissecting the tarbiyah training for provide feedback on it’ 
‘Discussion on how to improve Tarbiyah’

One learning that you have gained which you will be able to implement at your madrasah:
‘Re-focus on personalized learning’
‘The Quran teaching method and help my fellow teachers how they can cover the topic in a time frame manner’